The power of Scrum for small businesses

edelsprint is an application for agile project work according to Scrum. Developed by experts to help your team achieve better performance and higher satisfaction.

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Remote Work

Smooth collaboration, no matter where you are. We optimize the way your team works so that you waste less time and can concentrate on the important things together.

Learning to work agile

We will guide you by the hand and introduce your team step by step to the agile way of working. By means of an intelligent process analysis we can also give concrete advice on how to work more efficiently.

Built by Experts

edelsprint was not created out of thin air, but is the result of many years of experience with Scrum and university research on the problems and challenges of agile working.

Ideal for smaller companies

Truly agile work requires flat hierarchies, communication at eye level and a strong team spirit. It is exactly for these free environments that edelsprint is made.

Higher Productivity

The perfect fit for modern Scrum teams

We offer you everything you need for Scrum and agile teamwork. Plan your sprint by creating user stories and prioritizing the backlog. Always keep the overview, create tasks and discuss with your team. For a better collaboration that is more fun for everyone.

Known from the media and through our partners

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