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Existing tools don't give you the agile experience you need for your team?

edelsprint is the most revolutionary tool for managing your agile Scrum projects. Keeping track of your work with novel features and AI technology let you experience agility like never before.

Take your Scrum team to the next level.

Tools for managing your work are an essential component of your development process. But there are many aspects you might have missed so far. We will show you what it takes to support your agile team flawlessly.

Role-specific Functionality

Whether you are Product Owner, Scrum Master or Developer - each member of your Scrum team has individual demands and needs custom functionalities.

Speak Scrum

Have you ever wondered about the terminology used by existing tools? Speaking the correct Scrum language is just one prerequisite for making a tool fit into your workflow.

Inspection, Adaptation & Transparency

Scrum is built upon the elements of empirical process control theory. This means, your tool should support inspection, adaptation and transparency of all your development aspects.

Face-to-Face Communication

Agile teams are about strong interactions between people. Does your tool feel natural to use by unobtrusively blending into face-to-face conversations?

Support Scrum Ceremonies

Supporting all ceremonies and providing seamless integration of context-aware functionality is essential for a smooth workflow experience.


The inventers say, that Scrum is simple to understand, but difficult to master. What if a tool could analyze your process and provide concrete help for getting the best of your team?

A Novel Approach for Managing Scrum Projects

Using latest technology, we are able to provide you with more than just a standard web app. edelsprint runs on desktop, mobile, tablets and interactive wall displays with dedicated features and smooth interactions across device borders. Out of the box, no need to install!

How it Works

Take a look at how edelsprint is based on three main building blocks.

All Around Participant Support

By offering role-specific features for the Product Owner, Scrum Master and the Development Team, we offer you exactly what you need for your work.

Moreover, we also include features for your customers or stakeholders of your product to guarantee tight feedback loops and ensure the agile principle that really everyone is moving in the same direction.

Ubiquituos Usage

We foster face-to-face communication and interactions between members of your team by offering functionality particularly designed for collaborative activities (e.g. backlog grooming).

By blending features between various interaction devices (smartphones, tables and interactive wall displays) we create a seamless technological environment for an unobtrusive support of any conversation.

Active Integrated Coaching

Implementing Scrum the wrong way is not only costing money, because of longer project durations, but is also demotivating for your team causing all kinds of negative effects.

By using AI-technology, we can automatically analyze your Scrum maturity level, identify issues of your development process and provide you with concrete references how to improve.

Designed for Efficiency

We are no fans of functional overkill. edelsprint is designed for efficiency, offering context-dependent features that perfectly adapt and blend into any situation of your development process.

Experience True Value of Meetings

We provide you with everything you need for all of Scrum's meeting types - from Sprint Planning to Retrospective. By this, we care for optimal preperation, conduction and the delivery of valuable results from all of your team activities.

Seamless Planning Poker

Take the vote on your smartphone and immediately see the estimation result of the whole group on the big screen. Compare against previously estimated stories. Discuss, accept the vote or trigger another round.

Intelligent & Simple

Backlogs You Will Love to Use

Stories drive everything and are what you speak about! We don't need artificial elements like 'themes' or 'epics' to manage our backlogs. Just flexible grouping and filter mechanisms you don't want to miss again.

Did you notice 'backlogs'? In addition to product and sprint backlogs, we provide you with an impediment backlog to manage and fix what prevents your team from working.

Your Personal Scrum Coach

By Artificial Intelligence algorithms, edelsprint is able to analyze potential problems of your development process and provides you with concrete suggestions and action steps to bring your team on the next agile level.


We successfully finished R&D and now heavily work on the final product development to hit the market in early 2020.

  • R&D (finished)

    Within several years of hands-on research with a lot of different Scrum teams and by inspecting the tools used for managing their work, we identified fundamental issues and missing functionality preventing teams from unlocking their true agile potential.

    We then came up with a prototype representing a first-time solution for an ubiquitous support of Scrum teams, which strongly focuses on collaborative activities and providing novel functionalities for all roles (product owner, Scrum master, development team and stakeholders) and all Scrum ceremonies (sprint planning, the daily Scrum, grooming activities, sprint review and sprint retrospective).

  • Product Development (here we are)

    Currently, we are aggregating our research results and combine existing prototype applications into edelsprint as one novel solution for managing the work of agile Scrum teams. This also includes transferring implementations to cutting-edge technology.

  • Public Release (coming soon)

    We anticipate the public release of edelsprint for early 2020. Leave your email and we'll keep you updated.

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Small Team with Big Vision!

Adrian Hülsmann

Building upon several years of R&D in the field of next era user interfaces, Adrian is heading for novel user experiences and promotes the vision of edelsprint.

Christian Klaussner

State-of-the-art technology is what Christian likes most. With his exceptional coding skills and deep technical expertise, he drives the implementation of edelsprint.

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