84 %
of organizations are weak in agile development practices.

Proven by long lasting studies, the vast majority of organizations and development teams still have not adopted agile practices the correct way and waste their huge potential to improve.

edelsprint will make it easy to launch your team into agile orbits.

This does not come out of the blue. edelsprint is based on extensive research and was built by proven experts of scrum and agile development. Tap into the power of the industries’ best working methods.
We boost you up!
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs and project risk
  • Receive higher customer satisfaction
  • Accelerate delivery speed
  • Improve project visibility
  • Easily manage changes in priority
Striking Simplicity

More Benefits

We always give our best to provide you with the most satisfying tool experience you can get. Besides an awesome set of features, this includes an outstanding customer support with experts - ready to help you whenever you like.

No setup

We know how annoying it is if a management tool needs to be managed itself before it can actually be used. For that reason edelsprint works out of the box. All you need is register and invite your team members to start working immediately.

Simple and joyful to use

How to unlock agility with complex and complicated tools? You’re right - this does not work! Tools must be simple and ideally also joyful to use. And this is exactly how edelsprint was designed. Clean UI’s without visual clutter or functional overload.

Fast and reactive

edelsprint is built on a very modern web-technology stack. This provides a user experience that feels just like a native desktop app, including fast and reactive UIs.

No plugins. No extra costs.

All of our features are built-in and will not be sold via additional plugins. Since transparency is one of the scrum pillars, we think that pricing should be transparent, too.

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