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Interactive Meetings

From Sprint Planning to Retrospective.

We offer you everything you need for Scrum. Sprint Planning, Daily, Review and Retrospective are each independent meetings with a clear structure that offers your team the best possible support.

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Time Boxing

Nothing is worse than overflowing meetings and wasting time. That's why we make sure that your meetings run more efficiently by keeping them within their scheduled time frame and limiting discussions to the essential things.


TWe want your development process to run as smoothly as possible. For this purpose, we collect various metrics that provide your team with information about possible improvement potential, so that you become more efficient step by step.

Interactive Games

We make sure that meetings are interesting for all team members by allowing everyone to participate profitably. To this end, we have integrated various interactive functions, such as Planning Poker or anonymous sprint feedback to measure team satisfaction.

Find out what good agile project management can feel like.

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