Team Retrospectives

For a sustainable improvement in teamwork.

Retrospectives in Scrum enable your team to reflect on their own cooperation and to develop actions to optimize the development process.

Story Feedback

Have you noticed something while working on a task or user story? Then you can record your feedback directly on the spot so that you don't forget it. In the retrospective, your team will quickly identify which stories were problematic and identify potential improvements.

Team Feedback

With anonymous surveys you collect feedback from the team about the satisfaction during the Sprint. In the Sprint Retrospective, you will quickly get an insight into problems in the collaboration, which you can then jointly address at an early stage.

Improvement Backlog

You can record the results of the retrospective in the Improvement Backlog. It contains actions that you have jointly decided on to improve the cooperation of your team and the overall development process. You will implement one or two actions in each sprint and thus create a sustainable optimization of your team work.

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